Aurora Launch Vehicle

Key Features

  • Two-Stage-To-Orbit, 1150 kg LEO payload
  • Reusable main-stage, small expendable upper-stage  
  • LOX/kerosene propulsion
  • Conventional runway take-off & landing
  • Based on >30 years of research on rocket-propelled spaceplanes in Germany

Cost Efficiency

  • Specific launch costs (€/kg) lower than for any competitor in same payload class
  • In average €/kg cost reduction of factor 2-4 compared to current or near-future competitors


  • Mission abort capability
  • Fail-safe design
  • No rocket debris crashing on ground


  • Operation from numerous airfields anywhere in the world possible
  • No launch-pad required
  • Any orbit inclination accessible


  • Unmatched low launch-preparation & turnaround times
  • Autonomous return-flight & ferry capability
  • High resistance against adverse weather conditions


  • Primary mission: small satellite transport
  • Secondary missions: suborbital science & research, technology testing
  • Future manned configuration for space tourism & astronaut training