Flight Demonstrator Preliminary Design Studies (thesis/internship)

Your Tasks

A sub-scaled flight demonstrator will be developed and operated in order to demonstrate the technology for the Aurora launcher. The vehicle will furthermore serve as test-bed for subsystem and component testing. Based on an existing preliminary vehicle design, your task is to perform parametric studies to evaluate and compare different design options on system-level. This task requires a high level of flexibility and may include sub-tasks such as:

  • Parametric aerodynamic & aerothermodynamic design studies
  • Preliminary flight performance and flight control investigations
  • Trajectory simulations
  • Mass estimation
  • Preliminary CAD design of internal architectures

Your Qualifications

  • Aerospace engineering student
  • Broad knowledge background, with focus preferably in the areas of aerodynamics & flight performance
  • Good programming skills
  • Application experience with CAD software
  • Very good English language skills, preferably also German language skills

Location & Contact

  • Your work location: Fahrenheitstrasse 1, 28359 Bremen
  • Contact: please send applications & requests/questions to: info@polaris-rfz.de
  • Contact via phone: +49 (0)421 2208 124