Trajectory Simulation & Optimization for Winged Launchers (thesis/internship)

Your Task

Trajectory planning and trajectory optimization for horizontal take-off space launchers is a complex task when compared to conventional launch vehicles. Moreover, different types of trajectories have to be investigated, including ascent, reentry, mission-abort or ferry-flight trajectories.  Your task is to further develop a trajectory simulation tool and to incorporate optimization procedures for different trajectory classes. This includes:

  • Literature research for optimization strategies of horizontal take-off launcher trajectories
  • Selection of suitable procedures, adaption/modification if useful
  • Implementation in the existing code
  • Validation of the implemented procedures
  • Application for Aurora-related reference cases

Your Qualifications

  • Aerospace engineering student or similar
  • Knowledge background in flight mechanics/orbital mechanics
  • Good mathematical understanding
  • Good programming skills
  • Very good English language skills, preferably also German language skills

Location & Contact

  • Your work location: Fahrenheitstrasse 1, 28359 Bremen
  • Contact: please send applications & requests/questions to: info@polaris-rfz.de
  • Contact via phone: +49 (0)421 2208 124