Systems Engineer for Winged Launch Vehicles

Your Tasks

In contrast to conventional launchers, the Aurora launch vehicle is suited for various mission types and applications. Each mission scenario features individual payload & customer requirements, operational concepts, trajectory schemes, load environments, and other technical and non-technical boundary conditions. Consequently, significant modifications of the baseline vehicle configuration may be required for different applications.

Your task is to support the system design of different vehicle configurations and sub-scale flight demonstrators. This includes:

  • Multi-disciplinary technical design works on preliminary design level, as well as support of detailed design activities if required
  • Support the development of novel operational scenarios including economic and regulatory assessment
  • Support the acquisition of public and private funding, including proposal compilation
  • Management/coordination of projects & cooperations if required

Your Qualifications

  • Master degree in aerospace engineering
  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary knowledge background, with focus preferably in the areas of aerodynamics/aerothermodynamics, flight-performance/flight control, trajectory design
  • Application experience with CFD & CAD software advantageous
  • Good programming skills
  • Work experience advantageous
  • Very good English language skills, good German language skills (see comment on the Career main page)
  • Teamwork ability, flexibility, ability to work under pressure

Location and Contact

  • Your work location: Fahrenheitstrasse 1, 28359 Bremen
  • Contact: please send applications & requests/questions to: info@polaris-rfz.de
  • Contact via phone: +49 (0)421 2208 124