Investment Opportunities

Upcoming Investment Opportunity: 

We will launch our seed funding round by mid-August 2021. Contact us in case of interest.

The Setup

The space economy is about to enter a commercial revolution, fed by new business models, new technologies and new markets.  The so-called New Space Revolution will initiate a sustained and exponential growth cycle, offering lucrative investment opportunities. Topics of the future include:

  • Satellite mega-constellations for global internet coverage, internet of things, communication, earth observation or autonomous driving,
  • Space tourism and hypersonic flight with market volumes of $23 billion in 2030 (UBS, 2019),
  • Routine human spaceflight,
  • Strongly increasing demand for defense-related space applications
  • In the long-term: Space mining, commercial exploitation of Moon and Mars.

"A New Space Economy on the Edge of Liftoff" 

Morgan Stanley, 07/2019

„Goldgräberstimmung im Weltraum“
Deutschlandfunk, 10/2019

Invest in POLARIS

Access to space is the basis for all kind of human space activities. POLARIS Raumflugzeuge offers the most competitive space launch solution. POLARIS develops and commercializes the Aurora Spaceplane under DLR license agreement with full freedom to operate.

We offer investors a robust, flexible and highly lucrative business case in the emerging space and high-speed-flight markets. If you are interested to invest in POLARIS, to join and support our journey, or to learn more about investment opportunities, please contact us. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!