Pre-Series-A Invest Secured – Raising of Series-A Funding Launched

POLARIS Raumflugzeuge has secured a significant Pre-Series-A investment from the newly created investment company “Polaris Space Ventures” (PSV). This important investment enables us to enlarge our personnel staff, as well as company facilities, and to prepare the company for rapid upscaling.

PSV was founded in late 2021 under the leadership of New Space Entrepreneur Matthias Spott, together with his business partners Steffen Herfurth and Diederik Kelder. The objective of PSV is to invest in early-stage New Space companies and to proactively support the definition and build-up of the future space transportation ecosystem. This includes spaceplanes and spaceplane-related ground and space infrastructures, core technologies and applications, as well as startups that potentially could become customers of reusable spaceplane services.

We are extremely proud to be PSV’s first investment, and really pleased by the support of its highly experienced team. We are looking forward to continue our productive and exciting cooperation!

This successful pre-Series-A investment now kick-starts the fundraising for POLARIS Raumflugzeuge’s Series-A round. Series-A is to be closed by end of June of this year.

If you are interested to learn more about working with us, or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@polaris-rfz.de