Our Roadmap

Our approach: Fast and low-risk progress by applying state-of-the-art technologies, extensive flight-testing, and a common and scalable configuration for all applications. 

Preparation: Subscale Demonstrators

Jet- and rocket-powered demonstrators and technology test-beds. First demonstrator STELLA successfully accomplished maiden flight in 04/2020. Read more

Baseline Business Case: Satellite Launcher and Suborbital/Hypersonic Vehicle

Two-stage-to-orbit satellite launcher for small payloads (primary mission). Single-stage application as suborbital and hypersonic platform for research and defense applications, optional ultra-high-speed cargo-transport. 

Optional: Suborbital Human Spaceflight

Single-stage manned derivate for human research, astronaut training, and space tourism.

Final Objective: Routine Orbital Spaceflight

The ultimate objective for POLARIS: heavy single-stage and fully reusable spaceplane for routine orbital passenger- and cargo-transport.