Our Roadmap

Our approach: Fast and low-risk progress by applying state-of-the-art technologies, extensive flight-testing, and a common and scalable configuration for all applications. 

Step-1: Subscale Demonstrator

Jet-powered demonstrator and technology test-bed STELLA. First flight in 04/2020 successfully accomplished. Read more

Step-2: Suborbital Research Platform

Rocket-powered platform HSP for commercial suborbital & hypersonic science and research, technology testing for space agencies, defense. 

Step-3: Satellite Launcher

Two-Stage-To-Orbit satellite launcher LCT. Payload to orbit 1150 kg.

Step-4: Suborbital Manned Spaceflight

Single-stage and manned derivate of LCT for manned research, astronaut training, and space tourism.

Step-5: Routine Orbital Spaceflight

The final objective for POLARIS: a heavy single-stage and fully reusable spaceplane for routine orbital passenger and cargo transport.